The Clients

Workshop participants have included:

Front line Supervisors
Senior Management
Boards of Directors
Union Representatives
Members of Family Businesses

Family & Private Businesses:

Health Training & Education
Industrial Cleaning
Software Technology

Government (Federal, Provincial, Municipal) and Crown Corporations

Since 1996, Dr. Barrette has worked with eighteen (18) different Federal Government departments or agencies with the three largest being Canada Revenue Agency, Canada Border Services and National Defense. Three federally affiliated unions have participated with a focus on adding “soft skills” training to their collective bargaining tool chest. Working relationships have ranged from several months to several years and involved employees based in British Columbia to Labrador. This work included mediation, workplace assessments and workplace interventions.

Between 1996-2011, the more than 1,000 employees who attended the “Strengthening Workplace Relationships” workshop reported that:

  • Morale improved by 20% to 50%
  • Job Satisfaction improved an average of 10%


“Dr. Phil has played an integral role in our organization in dealing with team building, developing sound relationships and resolving conflict situations. Phil is highly skilled and always enjoys excellent relations with those he works with.”
– Director, Federal Government
“There has been a remarkable change in staff attitudes, mood, and the constant bickering that was there before the workshops. I have the deepest respect for Dr. Phil and recommend him heartily.”
– Regional Director, Federal Government