Strengthening Workplace Relationships
to Maximize
Business Success

The success of any business or organization rises and falls on the quality of its workplace relationships. A work force that trusts one another will focus their energies on being creative and solving problems. A workforce that is distrustful will focus their energies on seeing each other as the problem.

Services Provided:

There are four cornerstones to a healthy and productive workplace:

  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Morale
  • Job Satisfaction

When an organization is experiencing difficulties in one or more of these areas, a workshop with Phil Barrette, Ph.D on Strengthening Workplace Relationships™ (SWR) can have value. See our case studies for different types of interventions and results.

Professional actors are incorporated into training sessions where they re-enact real life workplace issues as identified by the participants. Home life is also explored. The inner world of a worker (losses, disappointments, illness, stress, marital separation/divorce/custody battles) often dictates the quality of his working or outer world. This live theatre format provides a safe, humorous and lively interactive learning environment.

Alternative endings are explored to resolve team tensions or damaged workplace relationships. Participants are encouraged to apply lessons learned from the training to their workplace by developing deliverables that are attainable and work-related. A follow up within 30-45 days of the workshop gives participants an opportunity to:

  • Share the results of their self-designed small group project
  • Reinforce learning
  • Problem solve new/old issues

Who Can Benefit

Any workplace experiencing mild tension such as decision paralysis, mission statement confusion, or a severe ‘toxic’ or a ‘poisonous’ environment will benefit. Essentially, the emotional ‘bad air’ is released safely and healthier habits substituted by this SWR workshop. The intervention always begins at the top with the most senior managers and union representatives participating. Change can only take place if those in charge ‘buy in’.

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